Less is more, only leave the decor

A bright, clean, organized, clutter free, simply decorated home will be the most attractive to potential buyers….which will lead to more interest, more perceived value, and a quicker sale for more money.


Think of the last time you were in a model home. How did you feel there? They are designed to entice you into buying one of their homes and it works. Once on market, they are your competition along with other well kept and designed homes in your neighborhood. You need to have your home in the best shape to make it standout.


For your own benefit, follow this guide to getting your home ready to market.

Ask yourself “Would a interior decorator buy this?” Nobody would pay an interior decorator to put a Dial soap pump, stained overused towels, non matching shower curtain, and a cardboard box of tissues into their guest bath. A well coordinated matching bathroom set will show off the space much better.


General Items

Zero clutter

Have only matching decorative items out (No seasonal/holiday items)

Remove all personal pictures

Only art and decorative items on the walls (No posters, calendars, etc)

Have as much light in each room as possible before the photographer arrives

Draw back curtains and open wooden blinds horizontally and vinyl ones all the way up

Turn on every light bulb that you own before the photographer arrives

Check bulbs days before the shoot so burned out ones can be bought and replaced

For still photography shoots, ceiling fans off

Remove all evidence of pets (Dog bowls, litter boxes, etc)

No rugs on top of carpeting. It looks like you’re hiding something

Remove all taxidermied animals 

Garages and small closets will not be shot. Please utilize these spaces to conceal items

Don’t forget to look up. Clean ceiling fan blades, top of cabinets, and cobwebs



Zero Clutter

Everything off the refrigerator. Front, sides, top, everything gone

Nothing in or around the sink

Remove rugs, hand towels, garbage cans, and high chairs/boosters seats

Consult with your Realtor whether to have a decorative item on your island and which small appliances can stay on your countertops


living areas

Zero Clutter

Decorative items only

Fireplace on or burning

Organize or hide wires, media players, video games, remotes, etc.

Remove children's toys and games 


Dining room

Zero Clutter

Only have chairs around that are around the table, no extra chairs in the corner

Tables generally photograph better without tablecloths

Consult your Realtor whether to have full place settings out or a decorative centerpiece



Only decorative items

Remove all personal hygiene items from view. If it has a barcode hide it.

Plunger, toilet brush, scale, and trash can removed

Toilet seat down

Shower caddies, shelves, and baskets removed

For soaker tubs, think about staging a relaxing bath. Have a bath caddy with book, flowers, wine, etc. (No water need)

Consult your Realtor if a new matching towel and curtain set is needed



Zero Clutter

Only lamps and decorative items on night stands and dressers

Beds made like you're trying to impress your mother-in-law


Walk-In Closets

As clutter free as possible

Less clothing the better

Each piece of clothing should have some breathing room between them

Remove bulky items stored there (luggage, boxes, bedding, etc)



Clutter free as possible

Condense and stack boxes/storage bins into one area


Laundry Room/Area

Front loading washers and dryers should be empty

Detergents and cleaners put away

No clothes hanging or lying around



Remove vehicles from driveway and in front of property

Place trash cans and recycling bins inside garage

Remove all large flags for still photography

Garage doors closed

Grills uncovered

Hoses wrapped nicely, tools put away